About me - Teresa Costa Duarte

About me

Painting has been my passion since kindergarten at my first school Saint Julian’s, in Portugal. At twelve years old I went to school in England, New Hall, and all I was really interested in studying was Art, history of art, mathematics and sports.

The six year stay in school, with long hours spent in art classes, a wonderful art teacher, all helped me develop different art skills and also confidence to follow art as a career.

After finishing school with an art A‘level, and some O´levels, I returned to Portugal, my home country. A year later I married and soon became a mother, so with my husband we decided to start our own business, where I could put my creativity and art into practice and be a mother at the same time. My husband is a farmer and we had two daughters and three sons, now parents themselves. It all worked out very well.

We called our company "lady pink."

With 5 or 6 employees, in our own little factory, we handmade products mostly in wood and cloth, all designed by me, for the decoration of children’s rooms, and so, sold (my husband’s department) to all the best children’s stores in Portugal. We also exported to Spain and France.

In 2002, I began taking drawing more seriously and joined art lessons in my hometown. Two years later I started painting and soon began Exhibiting and selling my work. I started out by painting in acrylic, then I took lessons in watercolours, and later in oil.

I now feel 2019, it is time to share all that I have learnt with all the wonderful teachers I had, of whom I´m so very grateful. I feel we have forever new thing to learn and to teach, so I am now organizing painting holidays in Portugal, where I hope to create relaxing and enjoyable holidays not only for those who already paint but also for those who are just beginning to discover the magic of it.